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Kahr T9 & T40

  • BUGBite Holster BUGBite Holster

    BUGBite Holster

    Protected by US Patents: 9,846,008 & D788,452 S Size & Fit Chart: Find the correct size holster for yourself by clicking here. Right Handed: A right handed BUGBite holster is used on the left leg, the holster is made with a...

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  • Kahr T9 & T40 Ammo Armor Kahr T9 & T40 Ammo Armor

    Kahr T9 & T40 Ammo Armor

    AA-12 is compatible with the following magazines: - Astra A-75- Kahr CT9, CT40, CW9, CW40, K9, K40, KT9, KT40, P9, P40, S9, ST9, T9, T40, TP9, TP40, - Springfield EMP- Beretta Nano Wherever you carry your spare magazines, you can be certain that...

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