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Glock 42

  • BUGBite Holster BUGBite Holster

    BUGBite Holster

    Protected by US Patents: 9,846,008 & D788,452 S Size & Fit Chart: Find the correct size holster for yourself by clicking here. Right Handed: A right handed BUGBite holster is used on the left leg, the holster is made with a...

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  • Glock 42 Ammo Armor Glock 42 Ammo Armor

    Glock 42 Ammo Armor

    AA-14 is compatible with the following magazines: - Glock 42 Wherever you carry your spare magazines, you can be certain that dirt and dust will always get inside of them. Proper care of our firearms usually means regular cleaning and lubrication, but...

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