AA-04: Ammo Armor

AA-04: Ammo Armor

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Compatible with the following magazines:

Beretta BP380cc
Beretta BP9c & BP40c
Beretta Nano
H&K P7
Hi Point C380
Hi Point C9
Hi Point Model C
Keltec PF-9
Remington RM380
Ruger EC9s
Ruger LC-380 (NOT LCP)
Ruger LC-9 (LC9)
Ruger LC-9s (LC9s)
Sig Sauer P225 / P6
Sig Sauer P225A1
Sig Sauer P239
Taurus 709 Slim
Taurus PT-740 Slim
Walther PPS & PPS M2

Wherever you carry your spare magazines, you can be certain that dirt and dust will always get inside of them. Proper care of our firearms usually means regular cleaning and lubrication, but how often do we disassemble our magazines and clean the dirt and gunk out of them?

What's worse, even a drop from a short height can bend or dent a magazine.What may not seem important upon first glance can actually interfere with the ammunition inside of the magazine. Imagine squeezing the trigger in a high stress situation only to find that the next round your life was counting on is stuck inside the magazine.

Shield yourself from the dangers of damaged ammo and jammed magazines with Ammo Armor. It'll be the best $10 you ever spent, and the cheapest insurance you'll ever see on sale.