"I received the pre-production Ammo Armor for the Glock 19.  All I can say is WOW!  I hadn't planned on writing a review, but when my boss saw it on my desk he immediately said we needed to order these for the whole department.  I hope you can keep up with the demand!"

-Sgt Lewandowski

"At first I was concerned that these would be cheap plastic like you'd get from China.   When I called and spoke with the owner he explained to me the great lengths they went to to make this in the US and from quality materials.  Holding my first Ammo Armor in hand all I can say is Hallelujah, American manufacturing is a live and well!"

-Deborah in Missouri

"Bought one for myself.  My son saw it and liked it a lot too.  The next day it disappeared.  I wonder where the first one went?!?"

-A Dad in Texas

"A great idea, but you need to make more calibers available.  What good is protecting only one magazine when people have lots of different kinds of guns?"

-Name withheld

"Good service and friendly interaction.  Can't wait until these are available directly on Amazon though, I don't like giving my credit card number out anymore."

-Richard Duluth, Minnesota

"My son is overseas.  Do you ship to an FPO?

-Dave's Mom