About Us

  Several years ago my wife and I came up with the idea for a way to protect our magazines from all the junk that seemed to be forever getting down inside of them. It bothered us that although we keep our firearms clean the magazines were almost always getting dirty in our pockets and range bags, creating the possibility of misfires.

     We decided that if we were going to follow through on this idea, we had certain requirements that were important to us. We agreed that materials all had to be first rate both to resist the elements but also to feel good in your hand. A well designed product should speak to the person holding it, so we spent a lot of time and engineering dollars to get that feeling just right.

     Next we agreed that it absolutely had to be made here in the United States. The quality of engineering and manufacturing here is second to none. We knew that designing and manufacturing a product here in America was going to be expensive, and it was. Boy was it ever. But for our money we got the peace of mind in knowing that instead of sending jobs overseas we were actually CREATING them here in the U.S. That makes us very proud.

     So take a look at the Ammo Armor and see if it's something that makes owning and carrying a firearm just a little better and more reliable. If it is, remember that a lot of time and energy went into making a product we're proud of, and making it right here at home. Give us a call or email if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you and I think you’ll find we’re passionate and knowledgeable about what we do.